Will My German Shepherd Get Along With My Newborn Baby?

Having a baby will change your life and part of your habits. But if you have a German shepherd or another dog as a pet, the appearance of a new member in the family can cause a problem if the introduction of the newcomer with the dog is not done.

Preparing your dog for the baby’s arrival
The best way to prevent dog jealousy is to resolve the problem before it develops. This means setting limits, preparing routines, and creating the right atmosphere for the new situation.

Among the preparations you can make are:

1. Talk to a Behavior Specialist: Getting special help in preparing a home for a new baby is vital when it comes to pet dogs. A specialist in behavior how dogs react, so they can advise you on what adjustments to make.

2. Set boundaries and zones: This includes areas where the dog cannot go like the child’s room or other areas where you would like to have the baby without the dog. First of all, the dog must be clear that they cannot enter these areas without your permission. You can let him sniff around under your supervision.

3. Make him know the baby’s scent: After the birth, but before the mother and child come home, introduce the baby’s scent to the dog through a cloth or other element. Make sure they understand that the cloth is not theirs and that they have to come to you to smell it.

4. Reinforce behaviors and rules: Make sure the pet behaves well and is in a state of submission. This is a good time to practice, correct small mistakes, and reestablish strong leadership.

5. Develop a new schedule: With a new baby in the house, your life is going to change and probably that of the German Shepherd. But this can lead to jealousy and insecurity on the part of the dog. Instead of making a sudden change of habits once the baby is at home, try to change habits such as time for the walk.

6. Socialize the dog with babies and children: If possible, allow the dog to hear the sound of your baby before he comes home. In addition, it is good to expose your dog to new energies, smells, and sounds by allowing him to interact with other children, always under surveillance.
Family safety always comes first

First of all, the safety of your newborn child and other children is the most important of all. If after seeking professional advice and dog therapy you don’t trust your dog to be around your baby, you will need to find a new home for him.

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