Royalty-free chihuahua puppies photos free download | PxfuelFor more than 10 years, Chihuahua-Bluz has welcomed dogs and cats in a spacious environment, conducive to their well-being. Passionate about animals, we combine seriousness and professionalism to provide them with the comfort they need.

If your animal should become ill during its stay, we are in contact with various veterinarians who provide a 24-hour care service. Keep your dog or cat safely in a pleasant environment.

Located in the countryside, in the heart of a rural environment, we are just 10 minutes from the center of Texas.

Do not hesitate to come and visit us, we will welcome you with pleasure.

Our kennel is open from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. We close on Sundays and public holidays.

The mothers are welcomed in the maternity ward 15 days before the presumed date of birth, in order to benefit from a richer and more frequent nutritional follow-up, from a particular medical follow-up, and to get used to their new environment. They are monitored so as to be able to predict the birth. The latter is provided at home. Puppies are left with their mother at least until the age of 6 weeks, often longer for their educational role. After 3 weeks, they start to eat moistened kibble, which will be gradually replaced by dry kibble.

Weaning occurs when the puppies are able to feed on their own, usually in their sixth week.

The radio is on all day in the maternity ward, which allows the puppies to hear all kinds of sounds and the human voice. We also work a lot with young people in apprenticeship. Thanks to them, puppies learn to let themselves be manipulated and to be stroked by us.

 Vaccines and care

The puppies are dewormed every 15 days (as well as the mother during lactation). The vaccines and the implantation of the microchip are carried out by our certified veterinary clinic.

At 5 weeks

Vaccines against:

  • kennel cough,
  • parvovirus. *






At 7 weeks

Vaccines against:

  • distemper
  • hepatitis
  • parvovirus

Electronic chip implantation.




At 12 weeks

Vaccines against:

  • leptospirosis

Recalls against:

  • parvovirus
  • hepatitis
  • distemper.



At 16 weeks

Recall against:

  • leptospirosis.

* These are vaccines carried out for the good hygiene of our breeding
and to guarantee our customers healthy puppies.

 The sale

The sale to the breeding of your new four-legged companion is made from the age of 8 weeks. On the day of your puppy’s departure, we will give you a sales contract, a certificate of good health from the veterinarian, the up-to-date vaccine health record, the provisional identification card, and a care sheet. The latter indicates the food rations as well as the dates of the next vaccinations and deworming. The birth certificate (provisional pedigree) will be sent to you by a letter followed in the coming weeks. Finally, we will remind you that we remain at your disposal for any advice and other services: boarding, education, hunting dressage …