5 Facts About The Cockapoo Dog Breed

Today we invite you to discover the beautiful Cockapoo, the mixture of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle (Poodle), one of the most adorable mixtures that exist. We are talking about a dog with a tender temperament, incredibly intelligent and whose resemblance to his parents varies depending on the predominant breed in his genetics.

We all know one. It is a very common dog that, due to its behavior and docility, is ideal for living in a house and creating a close relationship with people. They are educated dogs that are distinguished from puppies by their good manners in their family life.

1. Origin of this Cross-Breed

Its origin dates back to about 30 years ago in the United States. The mixture was completely intentional in the search for a small breed that would help in the different jobs in the field and that would also be a faithful and affectionate companion, hence the choice of its two predecessor breeds.

2. Personality 

It cannot be qualified exactly as the character of these dogs varies greatly from one individual to another. Some are calmer and tenderer, others are more capricious and impatient. It depends on the education they receive and the innate character of the animal.

It is a very sensitive dog that adores people, especially its owners, for whom it feels true devotion. He is loving, faithful, and protective when he has to be.

3. Size

It is a small-sized dog. It measures between 35 and 40 centimeters both females and males and weighs between four and seven kilos, regardless of gender.

4. Appearance

He is a rather shaggy, curly-haired dog. Its head is medium in size, with medium shiny black eyes and pendulous ears. It has a very proportionate body and its coat can be quite varied in terms of its color: white, black, brown, cream, beige, and gold.

5. Life Expectancy

Its average life is about 15 years, although it will depend on the care, feeding, and maintenance of its owners. Their nice peculiarity is that even when they are very old they still look young.

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